Simple DIY Projects to Boost The Value of Your Home

Dated: April 12 2021

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Home Improvement

Living in our homes, we probably don’t constantly think about ways to improve its value. However, if you think about it, your house is probably one of the biggest investments that you’ve ever made. And as in any investment, it should only be natural that you would want to make sure that its value increases over time.

Whether we are thinking about selling it in the future or not, it’s essential to consider taking on small and simple do-it-yourself projects and renovations to improve our house. Taking care of our house and improving it will not only boost the value of our homes, but it will also improve our lifestyle and comfort.

DIY Interior Projects:

Repaint the walls and kitchen cabinets

No matter how much cleaning you do in your home, over the years, the paint on your walls might have already been damaged. If not, the color might already be outdated and needs a little retouch to give it a refreshed look.

Kitchen cabinets also need to be given attention. Since you use your kitchen daily, kitchen cabinets are one of the items at home where grease and grime build up over time. Also, kitchen style trends change and you might want to keep the look of your kitchen updated.

Repainting is one of the best ways to transform your space without breaking the bank. What’s good about this is you can do it by yourself. Cans of paint only cost a few bucks but can completely change the look and feel of your home. A neutral color scheme is the best option as it can make your space look bright, airy, and will unify the elements in your home. Most importantly, a neutral color scheme appeals to a wider variety of people; hence, expanding the range of your potential buyers.

Replace outdated fixtures

This is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to improve your home. It might not seem essential as small fixtures are often overlooked, but it will give your house a fresher look once you have taken on this transformation.

Replace rusty or old-fashioned fixtures such as curtain rods, doorknobs, faucets, outlet covers, showerheads, and light fixtures with modern and fashionable ones. You can also choose to give these fixtures a new chance at life by using spray paint to make them look new. Either way, this DIY project is super easy and relatively inexpensive.

Add space and storage where possible

Storage might seem like a small thing, but it is a home feature that many homebuyers desire. Old homes usually do not have enough storage or do not maximize the storage spaces that they have. If you are living in a home with few storage spaces, you might want to rethink of ways that you are using your space.

It’s one thing to install additional cupboards and shelves, but it’s another to maximize a wall or a closet space that will help fit as many items while maintaining organization. Think out of the box and research. The challenge will be to add an efficient storage space that will look clean and minimalistic. When selling your house, this will surely help you stand out from the listings.

DIY Exterior Projects:

Upgrade your landscaping

A vibrant front yard can increase the value of your home as it can increase the curb appeal of your house and attract more homebuyers. A front yard is like the first impression of your house, make sure that you make a good one.

For starters, you can grow perennial plants and flowers that are easy to maintain such as roses or hydrangeas. You can also build a stone pathway leading to your porch. Other ideas are installing a green garland on your porch so that your house will look as if it’s connected to the surrounding greenery and installing light so that your plants can have a dramatic effect at night.

There are so many easy ways to upgrade your landscaping. It might be overwhelming but make sure to choose something that is within your budget and time. Landscaping is a fun activity that you can even do with the whole family.

Bump up your curb appeal

The first thing that your potential buyer will see in your home is your front entrance. You need to make sure that by the first time they see it, it looks impressive and welcoming. You do not need to spend too much money to transform the look of your entrance. DIY decors will go a long way. Clean it up, replace your house numbers with a modern style, repaint your mailbox, or do the easiest way to brighten up an area – add plants.

Improving your curb appeal doesn’t need to be a tedious task. You just have to be creative on how you will maximize your resources to enhance the look of your porch. Keep in mind that this is the first thing that catches the attention of your potential buyers and helps them decide whether or not they will check out the property.

Check the gutters

Aside from improving your home by adding decors and doing retouches, cleaning your gutters should also be one of your projects to boost your home value. This isn’t just a part of your home maintenance, it also contributes to the overall quality of your home. If you ignore your gutters for a long time, problems like improper water drainage may arise and can cause damage to the structure of your home. These damages will lessen the value of your home and will force you to spend more money on repairs – something that you cannot do on your own.

So it is best to regularly check the gutters and clean it if needed. Ensure that it is always clog-free. It is better to put a little work on its maintenance on your own than to wait for the time that you actually need to have these things repaired.

A little perseverance and patience with housework can go a long way. It will save you tons of money and can eventually help you make more by increasing the value of your home. Aside from being able to maintain your home, you get to upgrade it with these DIY projects. It might be tiring but it will definitely be rewarding for you afterwards. Your house improvements will surely make you feel more comfortable staying at home.

It is really exciting to think how your home can turn out by just doing these DIY projects. Have a happy home improving!

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Simple DIY Projects to Boost The Value of Your Home

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